Sands Of Eternity – Beyond The Realms Of Time

Sands Of Eternity – Beyond The Realms Of Time

SANDS OF ETERNITY album “Beyond The Realms Of Time” (May 6th 2022, Symmetric Records)

  1. Still Awake 
  2. Enlightened (Mighty Warrior)
  3. The Hitman
  4. Faded
  5. Red Flag
  6. Desire
  7. Shadows Of Life
  8. A Different Way
  9. So Far Away (A Soldiers Cry)
  10. Beyond The Limits

The “Beyond the Realms of Time” is the best possible first step for a band returning and for a band that releases its debut work. To those who had listened to the Sands of Eternity as Hourglass SOE, this album is a reintroduction to their sound, while for the rest is a powerful power/heavy metal debut able to draw the fans’ attention.

Sands of Eternity’s first work has as an abstract concept the transition through time, from the Hourglass SOE to the Sands of Eternity. While this very idea is depicted on the artwork of the record, the reason I describe it as vague is because it is not tightly tied to the lyrical theme. So, for me this transition is the frame of the “Beyond the Realms of Time”, inside of which the Sands of Eternity unfold their incredible compositional skills.

After the band’s revival and for the release of “Beyond the Realms of Time”, Ioakimides-the band’s main guitarist and composer- joined forces with Bob Katsionis, one of the most talented producers of the power metal scene. Judging by the result presented, their partnership has been quite fruitful. Iokimides’ compositions along with Katsionis’ guidance have resulted in an album passage for the band, from the past to a new power metal era.

In the “Beyond the Realms of Time” everything is fine-tuned and there is not a single thing off sounding. Inspired mainly by the European standards of the power/heavy metal, with shredding solos and wide, bright choruses, the record composes a solid and massive body. Still, often drifts from the aforementioned standards and leans towards the U.S scene, with grittier and crunchier riffs, but without losing its distinct character. Bands like the Stratovarius or Hammerfall I am sure that have inspired the band, since their influence can be found in the tracks “Shadows of Light” and “Enlightened (Mighty Warrior)”, respectively.

Sands of Eternity have a promising future ahead of them. They seem to own the power/heavy metal sound, avoiding the clichés and the danger of becoming a tedious and a repetitive band. Drawing inspiration from the traditional sound, they add their own signature and present their own take of power metal that result in an exciting and fresh sounding power metal.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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