Sam Hale

Sam Hale

Sam Hale is a soulful Persian/American singer-songwriter with a powerful indie/rock voice that is both timeless and chilling. His clear voice delivers his catchy melodies over a subtle and refined guitar undertone.

Sam grew up with a passion for music before he even knew how to pick up a guitar. It wasn’t till he started taking lessons in Fresno, California where he started realizing he can write music. Writing original music has always been what drove Sam to continue his musical pursuits.

After playing around in some bands, mainly in the genre of rock, he started getting really into singer-songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Ray Lamontagne, and John Mayer. That’s when his solo endeavors started blooming into what is now is art.

Sam just released his new EP Somewhere Between Love & War. The project fuses his love for rock, blues, electronic, pop, and hip-hop in a way that appeals to the heart, and provides listeners with a window into his personal struggles while inviting them to experience his journey right along with him.

“This EP, Somewhere Between Love & War, is special to me in so many ways. It marked the beginning of a new chapter, maybe even a start of a new book. In October of 2017, I packed my bags and moved to Nashville from Los Angeles to start  my new journey. Quickly thereafter, I connected with Sam Kassirer who produced Josh Ritter, David  Ramirez and many other influential artists. After chatting back and forth for 5 months, we jumped in the studio and began tracking this  EP.”

Sam Hale – Supernatural

Sam Hale – Can’t Take It

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