Saint Karloff

Saint Karloff

Norwegian distortion pedal lovers Saint Karloff are excited to announce their partnership with Twin Earth Records to release their début album, All Heed the Black God, which will be emerging on July 27 2018. The record is stuffed with seven tracks of riff worship much like the already-released “Ghost Smoker”. The band’s aesthetic – much like their name – draws from oldschool horror films, while the music is a modern twist on that 70s and 80s rockin’ vibe set out by Motorpsycho by way of Black Sabbath – with a touch of acoustic amid the heavy crunch.
The band commented “With this album, we’ve really tried not just making it heavy, but also groovy and melodic. We are stoked to release this with Twin Earth Records”.
All Heed the Black God will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download.

Saint Karloff, a hard hitting power trio of the good old sort, saw the light of day in 2015.   Influenced by the world today and the music of yesterday, this Norwegian band is psychedelic, heavy, and political.

Inspired by 70s hard rock and heavy blues bands like Black Sabbath and early Pentagram, Saint Karloff brings driving riffs and groovy beats with a touch of modern day doom and stoner rock.   Their debut full length album All Heed the Black God will be released through Twin Earth Records July 27th, 2018 on digital platforms, vinyl, and CD. The album will also be available on cassette through Hellas Records.

Saint Karloff revealed All Heed the Black God’s first single, “Ghost Smoker,” in late April 2018.   The song pays tribute to the band’s influences, but it’s more than just Sabbath-worship; “Ghost Smoker” promises an album defined by creative songwriting, musing lyrics, and of course a flood of fuzz.

Check out the “Ghost Smoker” official video below

Saint Karloff is:
Guitar / vocals: Mads Melvold
Bass: Ole Sletner
Drums: Adam Suleiman

Band credits:
All music / lyrics: Saint Karloff

Album credits:
Recorded at Blitz Lydstudio
Mixed and produced by Saint Karloff
Mastered by Steve Kitch, Audiomaster

1. Ghost Smoker
2. Space Junkie
3. Ganymedes
4. Dark Sun
5. Radioactive Tomb
6. When The Earth Cracks Open
7. Spellburn

Saint Karloff – Ghost Smoker

Saint Karloff – All Heed the Black God trailer

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