Saint Evil Street – Interview

Saint Evil Street – Interview

Interview with Octavio, vocalist from Saint Evil Street and Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: Hi there and thank you for taking the time out to chat with us today.

PD: Can you tell us a bit about SES, how did you form and where the name come from?

O: We are a rock band based on the experiences of 3 different minds sharing one purpose: “to work having fun while sending a message”. We first met via internet. I was looking for a drummer to start a band when I moved to France. I sent lots of messages and one drummer (valerian) was bold enough to answer. Mike, a friend of mine, was our first bass player. He then decided to follow another project and Valerian asked his friend Valentin to cover as a last minute for a gig we had. He was normally a guitar player but had no choice than finally play the bass (Haha Haha). It just fit like that the three of us. Funny thing but then there you go, you’ve got this band.

As for the name, well, we had one but then realized that another band in the USA already took it legally. So, we had to change. One day while rehearsing, we heard a phrase on one of our songs and it was a heavy screaming chorus saying Saint Evil Street and we decided to take it as a name.


PD: So how would you describe your music?

O: Without any doubt, I define our music as a mood, one day we feel hysteria and explosions and we create hard tunes. And other days, we have rainy songs with dark melancholy painted by beautiful pianos. Our music is a paint in the wall full of distortion and melody.


PD: What is the music scene like in your area with regards to support, places to play, record, fan base, etc?

O: We have amazing friends/fans basically in nearby Strasbourg and Belfort. Actually, we have won many friends everywhere, even in Germany now! And we can find great places with live music everywhere, so basically, the music scene is constantly moving, it all depends on how you look for it.


PD: Who are your musical influences?

O: I, personally, have a diverse landscape of choices, all about legendary rock bands as influences but strongly alternative rock and metal music. We can say that our lyrics are half sarcasm and half poetry, our music is strongly influenced by diversity, more specifically alternative rock from the 90’s.


PD: Who writes the songs and what are they about?

O: All lyrics and melodies are primarily created by me, but then, we make all the arrangements collectively. Surely in the future, we will start using songs from all members in the band.

Our music is about the hope existing behind pain, our music is the calm before and after the chaos.


PD: You have just released the excellent Cursed EP, can you tell us about how the recording went?

O: First it took long to finish half of it, because of technical issues. And the second half because of a mysterious force following us since the beginning of the band formation, a long story with a very positive result as it is “Cursed”.


PD: How are you promoting the EP?

O: For now, we mainly promote it online with the great advice and work of Valentine. We are quite new with all this work and with a little extra time we will get used to it.


PD: What has the response been to the EP?

O: This ep is the physical manifestations of years of work and we are really proud of the work we have developed. So far, people around us are being happy with this work and this is the satisfaction we need to keep working


PD: Having listened to the EP Several times, I have to say that I love the diversity of the writing, the tracks come across as well crafted and developed especially the opener all my life. I particularly love the way that you reign the track in, instead of it being allowed to let rip. I feel that makes the track much more powerful. Was there a conscious decision made to achieve this?

O: Yes, it was planned that way, we wanted to create a visual process, we wanted the EP to have a path from that sublime piano to a strong and sudden end. Our musical signature is the climax.


PD: Tell us about the wolf behind the door, the first single from the album?

O: The wolf behind the door has all the characteristics of Saint Evil Street. It’s organic, organized and chaotic; it is romantic and aggressive; and most of all it’s wrong and right.


PD: Where can people buy the Cursed EP?

O: At the moment, the EP is available through the streaming platforms, as well as directly from our website. Just send us an email and we will get in touch with you, we can even dedicate it to you with our autographs hehe.


PD: What has been your proudest moment in music?

O: The process behind the music is very hard, it demands a lot of time working individual and collectively. For us, every little detail is very important, as well of every little result. In this case, our EP “Cursed” is the biggest step we have done so far, so I can say our proudest moment is “CURSED”.


PD: Are there any gigs planned for the future, what’s next for you guys?

O: We are in very unusual circumstances all the time, remember that we are “Cursed”, so at this moment we are in a strategic environment. We are working and restarting all the rehearsals, all the concert, even planning the recording of live studio sessions. And you will begin to receive all these events through our website and Facebook.


PD: Have you any message for the readers of this interview?

O: First, I would love to thank you for this interview and for appreciating our work.

And we want to thank every single person giving us the support we need to continue working and we promise to continue striving to improve the result of our work through our music.

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