Royal Mob – Interview

Royal Mob – Interview

PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

RM: Royal Mob is a quartet, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re aiming at making heavy modern rock music without much boundaries. We’ve been on for some years now and are four really easy going dudes enjoying the art of meeting in a small room at least twice a week, jamming out loud (very loudly) with our instruments for hours.


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

RM: It’s different for each member of the band. Our inspirations are really diverse and evolved through the years. When we started back in 2012, it was all about hard desert blues rock music and crazy guitar solos. But we’ve grown a lot in eight years, our tastes changed but we still have the same vision: to make music that matters to us. – We love twisted, hard and dark songs, and at the same time we enjoy the soft part of music which also inspires us to experiment wildly, without restraining ourselves and creativity.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

RM: It will always be to be seen and heard via our music. All the hard work to be meaningful. And to play Royal Albert Hall in London and Madison square garden someday… Could be great right?


PD: Who writes your songs?

RM: The writing process is a very genuine and collaborative part of our approach at being in a band. We all need to contribute in this together, each with our instruments and flavours. Being all involved can sometimes be difficult and challenging, but definitely rewarding at the end of the day.


PD: What are you up to at this moment?
RM:Damn, are you really ready for a long speech? – Lately we’ve been away from all the social media and from our local live scene because we’re spending all of our time and energy writing what’s going to be our second full length.

We are in a very experimental process. We decided to erased our setlist for the third time, and are now composing a whole new concept album and setlist from the scratch, reinventing our sound and approach of music. We spent a long time reflecting about our first album. We love what we did back then, but we also realised that it isn’t us anymore. We grew up realising that we tried to fit in a box who wasn’t really ours, trying to please too much the listeners before us. – This time we decided to listen to our guts before anything else, and it honestly feels great so far.


PD. What can we so expect from this upcoming album?
RM: We’re still aiming for strong hooks and melodies, this will never really change. But we detuned all our instruments, the soundscape became heavier. We decided to add synths and electronic elements in this new writing process as well. Our Daw became the fifth member of the band, kicking in with its own lines and sound design.

For where our music is heading, let’s says that whatever we put out next will be different from what we’ve done so far, simultaneously more complicated and simpler, more clever, subtler. As individuals we challenged ourselves to try new things. We’re always trying to find new ways to feel uncomfortable.


PD: Is the second album harder to write compare to the first one?
RM: We could say both yes and no at the same time. Since the release of our first album we’ve been through some changes. Both professional and private changes, that had a direct impact over the well being and creativity of the band.

At some point it felt like everything was falling apart and that there was nothing left to save. As if we had already done what we could to do with this project. It seemed for a moment that we needed to close this chapter and move towards new adventures. But eventually our reflexions and doubts made us realised that we’re totally bound to this project and to each other. We’ve been in the same boat for years experimenting success, failures, adventures on the road, travels abroad, crazy stories… This project goes over the musical journey itself, it’s mainly best friends standing together in the pit since day one – we realised that we still have much more to say.

Since our creativity got renewed we can say that the writing process is going smoothly and forward. There’re great things to look forward to.


PD: When can we expect this album to be released?
RM: We’re currently still working on the pre-productions. All the songs are tracked on the computer, we’re mostly missing guitars here and there and the last lyrics. We already booked the studio for this summer, so all our deadlines are settled (there’s no way back hehe). – Then comes all the funny part with pitching the album to eventual labels and management companies… The waiting game hasn’t started yet. So, to be realistic we expect this album to be released someday in 2021.. maybe? XD.


PD: Since you’ve been away from your local scene for some months, are you looking forward to play and experiment those new songs on stage?
RM: YES! Definitely. I guess the answer is almost every time the same for each single band out there. But playing live is the goal behind this whole process. Being on stage is reallhy were we belong and what we’re doing best.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

RM: Well, we all managed to survive our first 27 years… Ay! Jokes aside – We have a lot of proud moments and lovely memories. But we all agree that playing outside of our Danish borders in front of totally new people for the first time was a big moment for us. We can’t wait to do it again soon!


PD: Any last words?
RM: Thanks for your time and consideration Pete. Sending lots of love and good karma from little Copenhagen in those current circumstances. Stay safe out there.

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