Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Rick Burke

A Hard Rocker / Singer Songwriter. The former front man and engineer of the Hard Rocking band White Widow which saw some notoriety in 2004, 2005 playing a lot of shows at the legendary Peabody’s in downtown Cleveland opening for such acts as Metal Church, Bret Michael’s from the band Poison and a big show at the Cove in Geneva Ohio. Since then Rick has turned his attention to a solo career focusing his ambition and songwriting skills on a one man show. With his powerfully sung ballads and acoustic guitar Rick believes he can be successful moving forward in the music industry. To get a better understanding of this, check out his newly released solo debut album (To Hard To Bare).

Writing and performing songs for close to 30 years. He always had a love for powerful music. He will tell you that there’s always been a powerful song somewhere inside just waiting to be written and recorded.

Rick’s objective is to record and release as many great albums as he can and perform at as many venues across the world as possible.

Rick Burke – Be My Baby

Rick Burke – Hurt So Good

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