Reversed – Diana

Reversed – Diana

REVERSED – EP “Diana”, (2023 self-release)

  1. Diana
  2. Reversed
  3. Feel The Knife

From the city of Athens and with a captivating fusion of heavy/hard rock and artistic intricacies, the trio impressively delivers their signature sound across three remarkable tracks, in their debut EP, entitled “Diana”.

Setting the stage, the EP commences with the eponymous song, “Diana,” a ballad heavy rock composition that reminds the calm before the breaking of a storm. With its emotionally charged lyrics and unique melodic twists, “Diana” skilfully weaves between moments of calm reflection and explosive bursts, infused with distinct grunge details that add a sense of extra “dirt” in the sound.

The remaining two tracks, “Reversed” and “Feel the Knife,” continue to uphold the band’s consistent heavy/hard rock style. Driven by prominent bass lines that serve as the backbone of their compositions, these songs pack a punch and a flavourful heavy rock sound. The driving force of the drums propels the music forward, creating an explosive and groovy atmosphere, while the groovy hard and heavy rock riffs, establish the solid sound of Reversed.

Impeccably produced, the EP strikes a perfect balance between polished clarity and a touch of delightful rawness and distortion – vital characteristics for any proper heavy rock sound.

All in all, Reversed’s EP is a praiseworthy musical endeavour, showcasing the immense talent and promising potential of this up-and-coming band. With “Diana,” they have marked their arrival on the music scene with resounding success.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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