Their story begins from a simple timely advert on social media to fast forwarding to attending Old Dog Studios Australia to recorded Voices. This album is packed full of aggression, catchy vocal melodies and oozing punchy riffs, with each song being crafted from the vast range of musical influences. 

The vocals and lyrics on Voices, capture the pure energy and emotions, either being about the rise and fall of Punk or dealing with depression, anxiety and knowing what the story is inside your head, and being about to fight that little voice in your head that puts you down.

Since the release of their first single ‘Total Control’, they have received a range of positive feedback and playtime on numerous online radio stations.

 “The main riff is so fat and good, sounds like a bit of Black Label Society and Pearl Jam and something different. Awesome vocals, fit perfectly. I’m sitting at work and headbanging to this ” Rafal

“F***ing love that track, played it like 8 times in a row” Joseph of Metal Public Radio

“Great vocals. Big variety of sounds and genre” Elton

“Just want to listen more, because I’m not knowing what I’m gonna hear next..” Brett

“Nice to hear an Aussie band who aren’t obviously aping AC/DC and Rose Tattoo as well, as it seems pretty much all the others are!” Chris of CPR Show Hailsham FM

Line-Up on Voices:

Joshua Ratcliff – Vocals

Nick Townsend – Drums

Giovanni Demasi – Bass

Vincent Chaber – Guitar

Jason Mowle – Guitar

Resurgence – Total Control

Resurgence – Black Arrow

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Band location – Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

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