Reign Of Terror

Reign Of Terror

UK and Mexico Based Death Metal act, Reign Of Terror, will be releasing their debut album, Decimation of Mankind, on the 31st Of October, 2018. The album consists of 13 Tracks (Standard edition), and 20 Tracks (Special Edition) of hard hitting, in your face tracks. The standard edition features 2 bonus tracks featuring ex vocalist, Liam Bertetic, and the Special Edition features 9 bonus tracks featuring 9 various vocalists.

In addition, on, there are already two released Singles from the album, Decimation Of Mankind, the first being “A Hymn For The Apocalypse”, track five of the album, and “Torn To Pieces” + “The Eye (Hypocrisy Cover)” track two of disk one, and Track three of disk two.

Reign Of Terror came to life in 2017, drawing from the members’ shared love for Death Metal and all things heavy. Through communicating through messages and emails, this project came together over the space of around a year. They’ve taken influence from the likes of Death, Dethklok, Hypocrisy, Deicide, and Bolt Thrower, and their debut Album, Decimation Of Mankind, is aimed to make a name for them!

Reign Of Terror – Torn To Pieces

Reign Of Terror – A Hymn For The Apocalypse

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