Redstone Sparta

Redstone Sparta

Redstone Sparta

Redstone Sparta consists of Paul, Carl, Chris, Rob and Al. They are an original Rock and Roll collective, liking nothing better than to produce rock music that will get your Grandma in the mosh pit.

Chris on guitars is a maestro of crunching riffage , Paul is a beguiling frontman also known as the Brighton Melody Maker, Carl is responsible for driving down the bass so low that you feel it in your basement and Rob just loves smashing up drums. Al hammers the percussion and triggers the samples, and holds a regional award for growing the biggest beard in the South East.

They have gigged in locations as diverse as living rooms and aircraft hangers, and their live shows are widely known as a celebration of all that is good about rock culture; communal fist pumping, spilling beer on random strangers and dancing in a field with your mates like you know no one is watching!

Their debut album ‘Natural Selection’ is a potent mix of alternative rock smashers combined with a concern for the welfare of large mammals and highwaymen; they are the sound of five men making cosmos shaking rock and roll music

Redstone Sparta – Dogs in Dirt

Redstone Sparta – Moby Doll

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