Redeye Caravan

Redeye Caravan
Snake Oil & Lullabies

“…the circus is tonight in town
for just a day you ‘ll be happy as a clown …”

Redeye Caravan release the first lyric video from their upcoming record. The song is called “The Circus” and is the precursor to the “Snake oil & Lullabies” EP. Immerse yourself in the eerie story of a Circus unlike any other and witness an otherworldly performance!

Welcome to the show …

“…and the crows fell silent as the Caravan drew near…”

The Dark Country collective from Livadia city (Greece), shares its new record release entitled “Snake oil & Lullabies”. It is a four track EP that each song is represented by a tarot card on the cover artwork and tells a dark story. The EP will be available digitally from 20/7/23 and you can find it on the band’s Bandcamp page as well as on every known music platform.

Come, sit around the fire … the show begins!

Snake oil & Lullabies:

  1. The Circus
  2. Slow Trains Are Never Late
  3. Cardinal Sin
  4. The Town


(a campfire story)
…The hoary oracle spread the cards on the old oak table. “Pick four” she whispered, but her voice sounded deep and felt like touching my innards. I chose. She turned them around. Under the candlelight her face looked broken and scary, but it became otherworldly at the sight of the tarots. “The Circus”, “The Train”, “The Sin”, “The City”. A voice as if taken out of the darkness broke the silence: “Snake oil & Lullabies”…

The Caravan started its journey in 2019, from the small town of Livadia (Greece). It plays Dark Country music and has released 1 LP (Nostrum Remedium, 2020) and 1 single – collaboration with Sexpyr (The Sheriff’s Judge, 2021), while sharing its otherworldly stories in concerts.

In 2023 the EP “Snake oil & Lullabies” is recorded and released. The Caravan is boarded by Akis Kosmidis (vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo-composition), Valantis Dafkos (vocals, bass-lyrics), Panos Makoulis (electric, slide, acoustic guitars, keys, vocals, percussion-orchestration), Eleni Paraskevopoulou (vocals), Stefanos Strogylis (harmonica), Thanos Giamarelos (violin).

(ep credits)
Recorded and Produced at Saint George studio (Agios Georgios Viotias, Greece) by Panos Makoulis
Artwork by Ioannis Papazoglou
Layout & Logo by Dimitris Katsenos (DKDESIGN)
Pics by Ioannis Konstantinopoulos
Photo Edit by Angelos Michailidis (AMPRODUCTIONS)

Redeye Caravan – The Circus

Redeye Caravan – The Basement Sessions/ Good Man Richard

Redeye Caravan – The Descent

Redeye Caravan – Good Man Richard

Redeye Caravan – El Muerto

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