Save Me God – single
self released
30 November 2020

The idea to start a band came to drummer Prasolov when he moved to Zaporizhzhia (city in Ukraine) and wanted to play fast thrash metal. There were no oldschool metal bands in the city at that time, so he created the band named Reabilitator to rehabilitate the oldschool thrash metal scene. The lyrics was about social degradation with attempts to rehabilitate human thoughts. The first album was written with the second unchangeable member of the band – Crazymetalliman and two friends from the university on guitars – Troy and Sazar. “Global Degeneration” was released in 2012 as D.I.Y. CD and there was a lot of live shows after it. In 2015-2016 the label Metal Race made the reissue of “Global Degeneration” and the release of the second album “Social Programming”. The band played some gigs with new guitarist VK with new program. Later VK moved to another city and Reabilitator played some shows with two guitarists Sere:ga and SF. In this line up the band have recorded the first videoclip “Thrash Way Of Life” (2018), played some gigs and started to work on a third album “Mentally Defected”. Now the album is on the record process and Reabilitator decided to release some non-album singles during quarantine. First of them is “Save Me God”.

Reabilitator – Save Me God

Reabilitator – Thrash Way Of Life

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