Intuitively inspired and focused, music industry savvy and dedicated to their success, Ravenscroft is a seasoned foursome of musicians whose individual backgrounds and eclectic educations present handsomely delivered melodic alternative rock. With some of the greatest rock performers in their favored list of influences, Ravenscroft synthesizes the monumental sounds of blues/early roots rock, the psychedelic/ acid rock of the late 1960’s, the harder rock and metal impact of the 1970’s and the 1980’s, the 90’s grunge influence of Seattle. Woven into a majestic tapestry of rich vocals, guitar, bass and rhythmic electric energy, listeners are instantly drawn to and curious to hear and see where this five – star dinner of music goes and enjoy the ride. Singer Ralph Buso’s head turning, robust voice reaches further into buried emotions and deeper thoughts in lyrics that bring out pain, penetrating our minds harder than we sometimes allow ourselves, while delivering the climatic resolution, release, evolution…widening the parameters we all need to open up to personal, interpersonal, political and universal understanding.

Meet the band:

• Ralph Buso, Vocals – From The South Bronx, New York, Ralph as a young boy sought answers. After losing his Dad at age 10, he spent time in deeper thoughts while walking the neighborhood of Poe Park, named after mystery writer Edgar Allen Poe. Seeing some of the darker, devastating aspects of life at an early age, Ralph began writing poetry and lyrics. Playing keyboard and bass in two bands, his band members heard his notable singing voice and suggested he be a singer. ”It all came naturally to me. I’ve always been a songwriter. I tell my story through the eyes of a person who has felt pain. I would love to be a person who gives someone a take away, a message. Music gets people through their toughest days, whatever state the economy is in, music has been there with them.”

• Devin Baker, Bass – Growing up in Tustin, Ca..”I was lucky enough as a younger kid to have seen Black Sabbath, Boston & Van Halen at Anaheim Stadium with my older brothers. That day my mind exploded out of my seat and I knew I wanted to be, I had to be a musician. It was so clear to me. The next day my father took me to Guitar Center and bought me a bass guitar. He himself was a guitar player. In high school, word got around I could play bass and I was asked to play in my first band, Outrage, which for a just – out – of – high school party band made it’s way to LA and quite a few smaller venue shows. ”

• Pat Magrath, Drums -”I cannot remember not playing music. I’m sure my first instrument was the tray on my highchair. I got my first official set of drumsticks after saving my 50 cents a week allowance for a few months when I was 10. I studied African percussion in college and really grew to appreciate the cultural value and diversity of percussion in Caribbean and African drumbeat sounds.
Pat grew up outside of St. Louis, Mo. Being bused from his home neighborhood by mandatory desegregation, then walking home from work he imbibed the influences of African American artists. Pat teaches drum playing and loves to work with people whose interests reach all angles of the music spectrum. “I’ve been in many bands. In Ravenscroft there is a brotherhood, a communication that is collaborative. We write together, we listen and respect each other as individuals and each of us looks up to the other band members for their strengths and contributions. We have a communication style that integrates us. Our writing process is really strong. We are tremendously aware of each others’ capabilities and we use that awareness to set goals and work towards those. It makes a huge difference, unlike any other band I’ve been a part of.”

• Brett Gorke, Guitar – From the San Diego area, besides his enviable, beautiful hair, Brett has a beautiful Flying V guitar that he makes magic out of. ”In Kindergarten I had a music teacher who really taught me to love music. I learned to play from her. I played in metal bands in high school, I listened to KISS and Judas Priest. I’d say a valuable key that this band holds for all of us, is that we’ve taken our egos out of it. We’re here to do the writing we believe in, the melodic experiences we create to keep crowds mesmerized. It’s not just a portal to fantasy for us, we know we’re here for this purpose and things have come together for us in serendipitous ways. We feel not just incredibly lucky but grateful and privileged to know each other and have this collaborative zen. We write about personal, real life situations that we all have felt and learned from. All that stuff matters.”

If they were to name names…Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Godsmack, Trent Reznor, Seether, Disturbed, Audioslave, Eddie Vedder / Pearl Jam, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, KISS, Deep Purple, Funkadelic, Earth, Wind & Fire, Parliament…are some of their compelling mentors. Their music appeals to a broad spectrum of audience. Without being fluffy and poppy, Ravenscroft writes melodic ballads and performs hard stirring grinds of alternative metal riffs breaking their own sound barrier by not being encased in one single style. Their style is all theirs because of the symbiotic fusion of their musical gifts and their appreciation of a multitude of influences. With an enlightened education in their venture, the members of Ravenscroft follow what their state of minds explore, what pushes their senses to take in and exhale, what the spirit of their connection and each of their lives have shown them. Their implicit love of fast, energetic metal penetrates their audiences and a world wide growing fan base. They are a thriving sound on itunes and reverbnation. Ravenscroft is a modern masterpiece built upon a mosaic of rock’s musical journey that engages audiences with enthralling guitar, bass and drum performance meeting spectacular vocal definition, artistically embellished with captivating visual stage effects.

Marie Malia Cote`

Cote` Publication /The Inside Story LL

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