Ravenfangs, an Alt-Rock act from South-West London, will release their debut single, Sick Of the Blue, on the 30th of March 2021. The band, formed of Marco Veint (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals), Joe Saville (Bass), Will Kirby (Lead Guitar) & Simon Toolan (Drums), will unleash their anthemic Punk-infused track as a taster for their forthcoming EP Welcome To The Universe.

RELEASED: 30th March 2021

Hailing from London, 4-piece Alt-Rock outfit Ravenfangs approaches the music scene with their debut single, an anthemic, rebellious and unapologetic punk-infused gem, ‘Sick Of The Blue’. Channelling the band’s frustration in these uncertain times, the song relates to their need for happiness, aiming to escape a rather blue reality.

Recording ‘Sick Of The Blue’ was a fast process: once a demo version was drafted, producer Richard Ellison was brought on board to finalise the track, using various studios and locations around London.

Based in South-West London, Ravenfangs are not simply a band, but a communion of ideas and intents. Frustrated with the reality of our world, lost between a dire pandemic scenario and a hostile political climate, Marco, Joe, Will and Simon didn’t waste any time complaining, instead engaging their musical talent as an artistic output, particularly noticeable in their raw, high-powered live shows.

Inspired by the rebellious sound of the 90s – think Nirvana, Libertines, Placebo – and evergreen rock pillars – Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, The Clash – Ravenfangs create three-dimensional music, balanced between poignant guitar tones and unapologetic power drums, topped by close-knit, dense vocals, eager to convey their inquisitive message. Playing the long-term game, the band champions a ”Provehito In Altum” work ethic, all members sharing the same ambition and goals, both personally and musically.

Marco Veint- Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Joe Saville – Bass
Will Kirkby – Lead Guitar
Simon Toolan – Drums

RAVENFANGS – Sick Of The Blue (30th March)


Band/Artist location – London England
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