Ragged Union

Ragged Union

Laydeez and Gen’lmen we are proud to introduce ourselves as the one and only Ragged Union; curers of all ills, fixers of all breaks and the dandiest lions in the city of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

We leave no stone unturned, no door unopened and nothing to chance in our hankering to deliver the finest of musical potions.

Step right up and you will see before you not three, not four but FIVE of the finest oak-aged musicians the right side of the grave from the wrong side of town.

BUT listen-up close now because we are guaranteed to defy the laws of science and deliver to your ears the sweetest, sleaziest sounds you’ll ever hear. Half a pound of country, 3 cups of rock and roll and half-a-pinch of soul is the old Ragged Union recipe guaranteed, I say GUARANTEED …. to satisfy.

Laydeeez and gentle-men …. on geetars, mistah… DAVE PRESTON and the one and only SCRATCH. On drums we have the legendary BRETT LIDBURY. The ace face on the bass is none other than mistah MARK WILLIAMS and leading you all through the hymn book is the reverend ANDY MILSOM

Ragged Union – Whiskey And Drugs

Ragged Union – Saving Grace

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