Pyramid – Rage

Pyramid – Rage

PYRAMID – album “Rage” (4th November 2022, Sleaszy Rider)

  1. Greed
  2. Empty Roads
  3. Rage 
  4. Beast
  5. Control
  6. Magic
  7. Tyranny
  8. Slayer

Pyramid succeeded to keep my undivided attention for the whole duration of the record. While the album lasts for over an hour, it doesn’t feel tiresome to listen to the record, even for me, who I usually get tired after 50 or so minutes. Time flies, with the album delivering exciting tracks of incredible musicianship.

Still, it was kind of expected. Especially, if you read the band’s roster and realise that is consisted of some of metal’s finest and most talented musicians.  Pyramid is an American progressive metal project, founded by Lance Sawyer. In the record participate artists like Tim Ripper Owens, Andry Lagiou (The Harps), Harry Conklin “The Tyrant”, Mike Abdow on guitars and Chris Quirarte (Redemption) on drums, Adam Bentley (Arch Echo) on guitars and as mixing engineer, Joey Izzo (Arch Echo) on the keyboards and Perrine Missemer on the violin. With such a fine line-up of artists, a bad result is not really a possible option.

The Pyramid compose and present a progressive/power metal album, that rarely strays from this sound. Complex rhythmic sections that combine musicality and technicality perfectly, without getting pretentious and epic power metal riffs and attitude blend and create a record that is rightly entitled “Rage”. Present in the album, there are, also, heavy metal influences that although they do not define the sound, when they appear add sharpness and grittiness to the compositions, with the inspiration being drawn from both the European and the U.S school of sound.

One of the most unique sounding and pattern breaking tracks of the album is the “Empty Roads”. Combining the incredible vocal range and quality of Andry Lagiou, with some blues licks and influences, which are a beautiful surprise, the Pyramid deliver a hard rockfish song that still manages to feature all the distinct elements of the band’s sound.

Also, quite stunning composition is the song “Dungeons and Dragons”, which is a 20 minute epic track inspired by the famous tabletop, fantasy game. Epic until the very last minute, heavy, powerful and absolutely entertaining, the album’s closing track is not only a proper and suitable end for the album, but a clear testimony of their musicianship and of their ability to deliver lengthy albums that are exciting until the very last moment.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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