Psycle is a 4-piece rock band that is based out of Providence, RI. Psycle was formed in January of 1999 in Castleton Vermont. Playing venues all over New England to New York City and even Canada, Psycle continued to bring their energy and sound to each performance. Each member of the Psycle family has left a lasting impression on each song and show and made this band what it is today. Psycle disbanded in 2011 but has now re-emerged with longtime drummer Jay Carvalho, Mike Kaz on bass and Joe Nicolazzo on guitar.

Bringing back some favorites from their previous catalog of songs and writing brand new music, Psycle hopes to bring that same energy and songwriting that gave them their mark on the music community. A huge thanks to all the great musicians who have made the journey before and our new lineup hopes to make them proud and continue to write great music

Psycle – Break

Psycle – Face The Fire

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