Promethium take their influence from the torchbearers of metal music such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera to develop a signature sound to ignite the eardrums of audiences across the country. New album ‘Faces Of War’ is Promethium’s 3rd studio album but it is their first concept album, with each song telling a different story of war from a different perspective. Faces of War was released through Load 4 Records and distributed world wide by Plastichead on March 16th 2018 and has been gaining very positive reviews.
“If you like your metal raw and from the heart then Promethium are the band for you.” The Mayfair Mallzine, 2018
“Promethium are delivering a brand of no nonsense, take no shit, don’t mess with me heavy metal that takes no prisoners, in any way, shape or form.”Metal Gods TV 2018
Promethium are still playing up and down the country in support of ‘Faces Of War’ whilst putting the finishing touches to an acoustic album which is scheduled for release mid 2019. Promethium are confirmed to be playing SOS Festival ,Wildfire Festival in 2019 and more European dates , with further UK festival dates yet to be announced. They have also been announced to play HRH Metal in 2020.
Dan Lovett-Horn – Guitar
Steve Graham – Lead Vocals 
Rossi – Guitar/Vocals
Gentle-Ben Macfarlane – Bass
Kev Yates – Drums

Promethium – P.O.W.

Promethium – Shell Shock

Promethium – Enemies Fate

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