Promethium – Faces Of War

Promethium – Faces Of War


  1. Enemies Of Fate
  2. Declaration
  3. P.O.W
  4. Shell Shock 
  5. 20,21,15
  6. Turncoat
  7. Stolen Valour
  8. Final Solution
  9. Kill On Demand
  10. Faces Of War

Promethium are:

Dan Lovett-Horn – Guitar
Steve Graham – Lead Vocals 
Rossi – Guitar/Vocals
Henry Greenwood – Bass/Vocals
Kev Yates – Drums

“Faces Of War” is the third album from Lancaster rockers Promethium. It is an album of cleverly formed and structured rock. For this album the band have chosen the theme of war and conflict to create a concept that ideally suits their hard rocking style. 

Promethium diehards will recognise quite a number of these tracks from their powerful live shows, where they have been show-casing and perfecting their sound in front of excited and hungry crowds. Heavily influenced by the likes of Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica etc. Promethium channel their craft to create their own unique sound that truly kicks ass.

Album opener and first release from the album, “Enemies Fate” grabs you from the first riff, you just know that these guys mean business. The lyrics become a manifesto describing the direction that the album will take. “Declaration” confirms this with the opening statement “This Is War…” “P.O.W.” is pure evil, the sadistic torturer reveling in his terror. Threatening that you will break….you can almost taste that fear. The excellent “Shell Shock” follows with more than just a hint of the desperation that infects those caught in conflict. “Shell Shock” not only kicks you in the guts, it pulls them out and tries to strangle you with them. 

“20,21,15” features Massive Wagons frontman Barry Mills on co-lead vocals. This is a track about nukes and the explosive tirade between Steve Graham and Barry Mills adds heavily to the greatness of this track. “Turncoat” reveals the traitor in the ranks, I love the way that you can just imagine the band shaking their heads performing it to a frenzy of fans. “Stolen Valour” attacks the listener from the start. The opening riff reminds me of Kiss’s “Young and Wasted” and the duel vocals are superb. The track is full of hate aimed at those who falsely credit themselves to being greater than they are.

“Final Solution” has an urgency about it. The theme is the evil that is genocide. I love the guitar solo on this track and the spoken words add to the darkness. “Kill On Demand” rocks, there’s some great drumming by Kev Yates here. The album’s closer and title track, “Faces Of War” is, for me, the highlight of the album. From the opening cymbals to the final beat, we are treated to 4:45 of rock at it’s very best. I love it.

With “Faces Of War” Promethium have added a strong, hard rocking album to their library, it is an album that they can be proud of. It kicks ass.

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