Project Renegade – Order of the Minus

Project Renegade – Order of the Minus

PROJECT RENEGADE –  “Order of the Minus” (self-released, 31 October 2019)

  1. The Big Boss
  2. Liber8
  3. Products of War
  4. The New Joker
  5. In Another Life
  6. The Strain
  7. Respirator
  8. Sylar
  9. A Demon Has Escaped the Traingle
  10. Black Mountain

Even though “Order of the Minus” is only their debut full length album, Project Renegade show their professionalism in it from the very first moment. Their sound, their production and – having seen their videos – their image, all are very much professional!

From the first moment of the album, it becomes obvious that the production is huge and modern. It leaves “air” for every instrument “to breathe”. The heavy, low-end distorted riffs they use hit you like bombs right on your face. The rhythm section is like an industrial machinery at work. The electronics enhance the modern sound of the album. And the female vocals are extreme but familiar. They remain very melodic and memorable. Sometimes the sung phrases are almost sing-along.

After a short spoken word intro, the album begins with “Liber8”, a song that deals with the fear and terrors of the new age. With elegant work on electronics, which serve as a companion to the guitar riffs, the band builds up a thick sound. The groovy back up of the rhythm section and the melodic female vocals with the catchy chorus and nice harmonies bring to mind Evanescence and Arch Enemy without being a copy cut of any of them.

“Products of War” has a fabulous acoustic part which shows another aspect of the band. It’s the best part of the song and it shows their ability in modern metal songwriting.

“The New Joker” is a song about bullying and the fear that people can make you feel just for being yourself and different to them. Project Renegade made a great video for this one. The band shows their sensitivity in this issue and that’s very nice of them because we all need to be aware of and stop racism of every form. The song has a Fear Factory rhythm section and great melodic female vocals. The songwriting is again excellent and makes it an instant hit.

“Sylar” is a song with some strange keyboards/electronics in and another great moment of the album. “Black Mountain” is an epic song. In this one Project Renegade dare to experiment a lot and reach out even for the electronica standards of Massive Attack and Radiohead. It is pleasant to see the band experiments a lot with their sound.

To cut a long story short, “Order of the Minus” is an excellent album with fantastic songwriting and magnificent female vocals. The band’s style is modern/groove metal with additional electronics. They write good music and they deliver it with passion and professionalism. To me the Greek borders seem too small for them. What we have here is a band that can make it to reach the elite of their sound. Save their name.

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