Piranha – Arise From The Shadows

Piranha – Arise From The Shadows

PIRANHA – album “Arise From The Shadows” (2020, 7Hard)

  1. Nuclear Disease
  2. Eternal Light
  3. Endless Dream
  4. Reborn
  5. Rotten Mind
  6. Dead Boat
  7. Arise from the Shadows
  8. Haze

It might not be the freshest release since it was released a couple of years ago, but Piranha’s work is an album that might have been missed by many fans. It is an underground release from one of the oldest bands of the Greek extreme metal scene. And I can assure you, although the band was dormant for 16 years, the flame within them was never extinguished and their hunger for creation is visible in their most recent work, entitled “Arise from the Shadows”.

Musically, in the “Arise from the Shadows”, the Piranha cover a wide range of the extreme metal spectrum, having as starting point the trash metal. Their range expands to U.S death metal, doom, and melodic death, while, also, some heavy metal inspired riffs are noticeable. By blending the vintage and old-school extreme metal sound with a more up to date musical approach, the album produced is both a punch of nostalgia and fresh ideas.

After all those years, Piranha still have strong roots in the 90s underground extreme metal sound. In the “Arise from the Shadows” they neither experiment nor try to push the extreme metal sound to its limits, but rather they aspire to deliver a powerful and exciting record, true to their background and roots. And that is what makes this record great. It feels pure, nostalgic and exciting, and songs like the “Eternal Night” and “Reborn”, if they were released 20 years ago, would be classics melodic death tracks.

The “Arise from the Shadows” opens with the song “Nuclear Disease”, an aggressive, thrash metal track. In the second song, entitled “Eternal Night”, the Piranha abandon that explosive thrash approach, and show a darker profile, with more groove and visible melodic lines that lean towards the melodic death. By the third track, entitled “Endless Dream”, they turn into a more straight forward melo-death approach that describes the outline of the rest of the album.  As I mentioned earlier, in the album there are, also, some doom metal and heavy metal influences, while in the song “Arise from the Shadows” there is a gothic undertone that derives from and is supported by the haunting and resonant sound of the organ. The aggression remains intact all throughout the album, and the harsh vocals that tear through the compositions, add an extra layer of pleasant filth.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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