PIG – Pain Is God
Metropolis Records

Raymond Watts, Sacred Saint of All Seven Sins, has delivered a new divine declaration – and so PIG sayeth unto the masses – “Pain is God.” Fourteen tracks of pure swine and swagger. “Pain is God” is an Exegesis of Excesses – glitches and guitar, allure and libido, danceable decadence. Pain is God is the weaponized word of our libertine Lord of Lard, here to save your skin from the wages of Sin. “Pain is God,” officially streets today November 20th via all digital and streaming platforms from Metropolis Records.


The Crusade of the Lord of Lard began in a Berlin basement in the shadow of the Wall. Perhaps it was the terror and turmoil that gives that certain sense of menace to PIG’s trademark decadence. When the Wall fell, our Salacious Savior set out into the deserton a journey that has spawned many albums and projects … Not only PIG, but KMFDM’s finest material and many other collaborations including scoring for Alexander McQueen’s shows, installations and exhibitions.

His new single, “Rock N Roll Refugee” taken from the upcoming album “Pain Is God,” is a delicious taste of danceable electronic rock. The hook heavy new single features a healthy dose of swine and swagger, while Michelle Martinez’s backing vocals add thatextra touch of soul. Watts also reunites with guitarist Steve White for the first time since the PIG albums on Nothing Records andWax Trax! in the 90’s.

Raymond Watts says, “Rock n Roll Refugee is my demon seed of glam and electronica, stirred to an apotheosis of ejaculating guitars and lamenting vocals … A song that’s loose enough for your vices and tight enough for your virtues.”

The “Rock N Roll Refugee” video is a decadent dive into pop art influences. The resulting clip could be seen as more of a nod to the Fluxus movement’s Nam June Paik or George Maciunas than the more mainstream Warhol- isan aspects of the genre. The song and video interplay as a homage to intermedia, filtered through the mind of the Swine. “Pain Is God” will be released by Metropolis Records on November 20, 2020 on CD as well as through all digital and streaming platforms.

Pig – Rock n Roll Refugee

PIG – The Revelation

PIG – The Chosen Few

PIG – Truth Is Sin


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