Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from the UK. He first picked up a guitar in the 1970s, playing clubs and bars. Over time, he found himself in studio sessions, house bands, and writing music for TV and film soundtracks.

With influences like Snowy White, David Gilmour, Mick Ronson, Leslie West, Gary Moore, Foxley has now released his own debut album entitled “I’ll try ’till I die”, an eclectic collection of original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic and piano tracks written over the years. Foxley says “Every track on this album means so much and every note is from my very soul”.

This album is like my musical life story. It’s also a ‘big’ album in that there are over twenty tracks on it already and, because I don’t intend to release any more albums, I just keep adding tracks to it. The earlier tracks have a poorer production which I kept in as a mark of the childlike mistakes I made whilst learning the recording process. I realised quite early on that studio recording requires such great technical ability and talent that I simply don’t possess, so I now have the greatest respect for all the unsung sound Engineers and Producers out there.

So, anyone buying the album will receive a special code on request to download the latest version for free.

Thank you.

Phillip Foxley

“If you’ve never heard of Phillip Foxley then you should seek out his music, turn up the volume and zone out. It reflects the maturity so loved and appreciated in the great blues rock players. His song collection has all the right stuff; edgy blues to classically styled rock to soft acoustic and piano tunes. It’s like listening to three generations of blues-rock on one album”. Jamsphere Magazine.



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Sincere thanks to the following superbly talented musicians and artists:

‘Promises’ (piano version)
vocal: Anna Yanova-Cattoor
piano & orchestration: Ori Shlezinger

‘Seize The Day’
vocal: OKTeam
drums: Stephan Seiler

‘The Place’
vocal: Tony Pappas
orchestration: FilipMusic

‘I Don’t Want To Go!’
vocal: Nachum Peterseil
orchestration: Itai Simon

‘All Or Nothing!’
drums: Enrique Jiminez

‘Hey You!’
drums: Jason Meekins

‘Time (Instrumental)
mastering: Stuart Epps

‘Promises’ (acoustic version)
vocals: 3V3Sound

‘I Don’t Mind!’
vocal: Anna Yanova-Cattoor
sax: Wilbert Condez Escalona
B3 keys: Nick Palmer II

‘I Don’t Fit In’
drums: Stefan Seiler

‘Straight From The Heart’
sax: Francisco Benitez

Phillip Foxley – No Problems

Phillip Foxley – Racing Thru Time


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