Phenomy – Syndicate Of Pain

Phenomy – Syndicate Of Pain

PHENOMY album “Syndicate Of Pain” (3 Μarch 2022, self-release)

  1. Noir
  2. Ominous
  3. The Mute, The Death, The Blind
  4. Bone Orchid
  5. Downward Spiral
  6. Lead Me To My Throne
  7. Temptaion
  8. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
  9. When The Darkness Comes
  10. Syndicate Of Pain 

Phenomy is a 4-piece thrash/groove metal band from Lebanon, Middle East! Even though this sounds really exotic at first, Phenomy not only deliver an amazing combination of classic thrash metal with modern groove metal, but they have already built a big name for the band among the thrash metal fans worldwide.

Syndicate of Pain is their 3rd full length release and a solid proof that the band is in a fantastic shape and ready to conquer the metal world.

Syndicate of Pain is a concept album about an asylum run by a mad scientist, Dr Anton Shuman, who is manipulating criminals and patients, but in fact everything is part of a bigger project that deceives even Dr Shuman himself.

Phenomy write and perform very powerful and original music. Everything for the band begins from their solid rhythm section with the drums and the bass doing an excellent job. The guitar riffs are thick and heavy and they maintain a nice melodic flow throughout the songs.

The whole Syndicate of Pain album is very dark and atmospheric with sick and twisted overtones. Phenomy seem to appreciate bands like Machine Head, Pantera, Lamb of God and Fear Factory.

The vocals of Phenomy are both brutal and clean at parts offering a variety of emotions and expression.

A track out of the album that really surprised me is “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”, an 8-minute long track in which Phenomy show appreciation for H.P. Lovecraft. “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” is a flawless instrumental with intense parts and although Phenomy leave some breathing spaces for the listener, they always get back to heavy music.

“The Mute, the Deaf, the Blind” marks another great song out of the album. Mid tempo rhythms, thick grooves and nice hooks make it a great single that fans of both modern and old school thrash will enjoy.

Other standout songs are definitely the single “Lead Me to My Throne” which comes with a great animated video, “Ominous” and “When the Darkness Comes”.

Syndicate of pain is a concept thrash/groove album. Phenomy have a very special way of using power/thrash riffs and groove metal rhythms. The Lebanese Thrashers have worked very carefully on their songwriting and production. The band’s performance is flawless. So, what more to ask? Thrash/Groove Metal fans must already have this CD in their collection!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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