Peronicus was started in 2011 when Jon Picard and Brendon Bartlett met for the first time. Not too sure just what they were going to create they knew one thing, and that was making music. After many shows and members, 2013 the boys were at a loss. With material for days, they could not find the right assortment for the line up. At this point they re-defined their set up and broke it into an efficient two piece. With the sound flowing the way they finally dreamed of it they had one more thing to do. At this point through the power of music the drummer for CatzPajamin took on a new roll. Now combines the machine that once was and the man known as Ryan Flett to create, Peronicus.
Bass/Guitar-Brendon Bartlett
Drums-Jon Picard
Vox- Ryan Flett

Peronicus – Heat and Metal

Peronicus – Cauldron

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Band location – Ontario Canada

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