Perfect Mess – Breathe

Perfect Mess – Breathe

PERFECT MESS – album “Breathe” (July 2022, Spider Music)

  1. Darwin’s Recycle
  2. Black Mouth
  3. Ground Under
  4. Buttons
  5. Handbrake
  6. Treesick
  7. Breath

With the release of their self-titled debut, the Perfect Mess drew the fans’ attention making great first impressions. They were a promising band, with a fresh sound and energy in their riffs. Now, a few years later they return to uphold the promises made in their debut, with their newest release entitled “Breathe”.

Having said all these, the question that arises is: Is the “Breathe” the right follow-up? Without a of doubt I can confidently say that the Perfect Mess have delivered not only the expected result, but an album that solidifies them as a band with prospect.

The “Breathe” is the kind of album that shows artistic brilliance and an unconfined musical mind. Bands that float in the genres’ pool with no specific identity but with a solid, well-structured sound are the ones that push our favorite genres to their limits, allowing them to evolve. Not everything has to have a label after all. If something sounds right, then it can’t possibly be wrong.

And that’s the case with the Perfect Mess. Listening to the album I tried to place them under a specific genre just to simplify things, but none of the options available was actually fitting. They create music that makes you smile and move along to its rhythm and that’s what matters. By spanning from rock to progressive metal and passing from heavy rock, alternative metal, grunge, stoner and whatever the Faith No More play, the Perfect Mess unleash a polished yet absolutely powerful sound. Effortlessly they move through the genres and effortlessly they combine all the aforementioned ideas into something that is both cohesive and coherent.

If you were looking for something different, something that challenges and dares to go beyond labels and genres’ boundaries, then the “Breathe” is the record for you. These guys from Greece deserve all the support, attention and applause for the great work they deliver. I don’t know what their future will be like, but for the time being the “Breathe” is an absolutely great work that is worthy of your attention and of your listening time.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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