Let it be known that age has no barrier to aptitude. Melodic death metal may be full of young bands who have studied the sacred texts, but Parius are ahead of the curve. Their début Saturnine set a reliable foundation that showcased exemplary technical songwriting, while follow-up EP Let There Be Light broadened their sound to include – among other things – orchestral elements, expert clean vocals, and collaboration with luminaries including Ryan Knight (The Black Dahlia Murder) and Michael Keene (The Faceless). Now the quartet turn their attention to eldritch matters…

Diversity is the name of the game on The Eldritch Realm, and Parius push the boat out even further than before. Not only does the record include psychedelic touches, vintage horror (especially the Twilight Zone) and ethereal elements, but the experimental elements mentioned earlier surface again on this record. Balancing these factors, the band composes exceptionally catchy songs. ‘Phylactry’ is an early highlight, demonstrating tasteful basswork from (relatively) new face Kenny Rentz. Louis Thierry’s theatrical vocals are a cornerstone of the record. Leaving most contemporaries in the dust, he runs the gamut on both harsh and clean vocals, also imbuing key moments with a Mike Patton-esque sense of jestering, all as part of the Twilight Zone-inspired narrative. The guitar work is similarly astounding, switching gears effortlessly such as on ‘Crashing Black Moon’ between fiddly licks and jazzy staccato breaks. Finally, Dan Silver’s no slack on the skins either, whether in beastly blast beats or colorful fills à la Blake Richardson.

The evolutionary process that Parius have undergone between three releases is astounding, and the end result is doubtless one of the most noteworthy releases in both melodeath circles and the underground in general. The Eldritch Realm will turn heads, and if the band keep up this momentum, the scene has a potent rising star to follow.

Formed in Philadelphia in 2011 when the band members were still in high school, this prodigious melodic death metal group have been hard at work for years crafting a sound that blends musicality with raw aggression. Parius already have a full-length and EP under their belts, and collaborations with such leading lights as Ryan Knight (ex-The Black Dahlia Murder) and Michael Keene (The Faceless), and are set to push the boundaries of extreme metal even further with their upcoming record, The Eldritch Realm, due out in just a few months.The years of hard work have led to a sound that fuses a variety of genres and moves past the more straightforward technical death of the band’s past. The Eldritch Realm sees trippy hallucinations and classic horror such as The Twilight Zone infused into trademark melodic death metal in order to induce a nightmare trance.

Parius are:
 Louis Thierry – Vocals
 George Fenton – Guitar
 Kenny Rentz – Bass
 Dan Silver- Drums

1. Into the Realm
2. Eldritch
3. Phylactry
4. The Binding
5. Between Hell and I
 6. The Boundless
7. Crashing Black Moon

Parius – Let There Be Light

Parius – A Shade Darker Than Black

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