Paragon Cause

Paragon Cause New Album ‘Autopilot’ Out Now

Artwork by Katie Marie Gallagher

Autopilot, is Paragon Cause’s third album. It is a moody and atmospheric collection of songs which serve as a meditation on time and how it is mediated by the technology that can often control our lives.

Autopilot features “Two To Play” – a dreamy, fierce, and euphoric song about tracking down sexual predators.

 When the vocals come in, it is still very primitive, with a retro-lofi indie rock sound that has a narrow field of sound. But once the chorus kicks in, the stereo field widens, as if the world has opened both eyes and can see society for what it really is.

“Two To Play” focuses on confidence and relying on my own talents and opinions and feelings – putting myself first, explains our member, Michelle Opthof, an attitude that has guided our creative process on this record.

 The term Autopilot may have connotations of surrendering one’s freedom to a machine or going through the motions, but this album’s energized and emotional songwriting reflect its polar opposite.

Photo by James Park Photography

Paragon Cause is an indie-electronica band based in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, with a penchant for making music that is enigmatic, darkly mysterious, but also wondrously compelling. Comprised of guitarist/songwriter Jay Bonaparte and vocalist/keyboardist Michelle Opthof.

Bringing together a lush electronic, almost industrial sound with indie vocals and strong melodic compositional sensibilities, Paragon Cause has crafted a collection of songs that are infused with the lo-fi intensity and rawness of a garage band, embellished with superior vocal and musical hooks that pull the listener in to each one of the band’s compositions.

Paragon Cause – Two To Play

Paragon Cause – Making Up For Lost Time

Paragon Cause – Lost Cause

Paragon Cause – Save Me

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