Panos Stergiou – Know Thyself

Panos Stergiou – Know Thyself

Panos Stergiou – Know Thyself (17 April 2017, self-release)
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Review by The Rocket Man

  1. Royal Road
  2. Fragments
  3. Diotima
  4. Use Your Mind
  5. The Price Of Apathy
  6. The Hourglass
  7. Love And Death
  8. Choices

Maybe the best decades for pop music were the 60’s and the 90’s. The 90’s found pop mixed with alternative/indie/grunge. All the aforementioned styles are weapons of creation for Panos Stergiou.

The young Greek musician/composer in his second full length album manages to deliver a great pop/indie style. He uses the best of his influences to form his own style.

The concept of the album is to encourage the listener in getting to know his real self. This is the only way to help yourself and the others, according to the songwriter, and this is what gains you wisdom, thus the owl on the cover of his work, the ancient symbol of wisdom.

Panos Stergiou lyrics are written in English which makes it a pleasant experience for non-native speakers.

“Royal road” is the single of the album. Deservingly. Its pop melody is remarkable and will stick in your mind for some time.

Other songs worth to discover are “Diotima”, “The Price of Apathy”, “The Hourglass” and “Choices”.

Every song in “Know Thyself” has a reason to be in the album. Despite the pop air of the album, there are dark and melancholic passages that serve as a balance.

The production is dreamy and pop/rock reminding bands like “The Cure”, “Puressence”, “Placebo” or the also Greeks “Make Believe”.

A very nice effort we welcome with open arms. Panos Stergiou released an excellent album with beautiful meanings, nice songwriting and attitude and he has a very promising future.

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