Panorama release a touching new video for the song “The Highest Mountain”!

PANORAMA comment on the video release: “We have all been touched by the worldwide struggle where we are experiencing today and all the trials and tribulations attached. This song represents the hope of humanity, through dark times, and we as a rock band want to give hope in times like this. In every life situation, you will always face a mountain to climb. And when you’ve reached the pinnacle, you will know that it was worth fighting for. We should keep in mind that life is a gift so remember this: ships don’t sink because of the water around them, ships sink because of the water that enters them. Whatever happens in this world, don’t let it get inside of you and weigh you down. Together we are unbreakable. “

An energetic, slightly uptempo hardrock band. Panorama sound is something of a hybrid of genres.

Hard Rock Line-up: Christian Palin – Vocals Ben Varon – Guitars Sammy Lasagni – Guitars Dennis Ward – Bass Philipp Eichenberger – Drums

Panorama – The Highest Mountain

Panorama – Heart Has Been Broken

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