OVERHATE – New Beginnings Are Met

OVERHATE – New Beginnings Are Met

OVERHATE – album “New Beginnings are Met” – (1 Μay 2020, Wolf Entertainment)

  1. Realities Collide
  2. Elegant Lust
  3. Crossroads Song
  4. God I’ve Found
  5. Modern Grial
  6. The Penance and the Lesson
  7. Our Problem
  8. Hidden Bhind Words
  9. Never Ending War
  10. Beneath The Curse

Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, the 4-man squad known as Overhate, released two years ago their album “New Beginnings Are Met”.

According to Overhate and their singer Giancarlo, their music and this record is “just a way to channel everything”, every injustice, every wrong, all the hostility and anger that has filled them due to the situation in their country. The “New Beginnings Are Met” is an album political, is an album that derives from the reality in Venezuela and from an unjust and hostile environment.

With these as building blocks, the Overhate manage to produce and create an album that interprets this aggression and this feeling of injustice in their music. By using their thrash background as foundation, they build a groove/thrash sound, fast-paced and devastating that hits you like a brick wall.

Opening the album with the song “Realities Collide” the Overhate make a statement of groove and heavy riffs that grabs you by the throat, and introduces you to their sound. From this point and up until the very last minute, the “New Beginnings Are Met” hits with heavy, groovy riffs, aggressive drumming full of power and excitement and deep, growl vocals that fit perfectly and express this feeling of anger that the Overhate want to transmit. Songs like the closing “Beneath the Curse” show some death metal influences, while in the song “Crossroads Song” they blend in their groove/thrash sound some heavy metal ideas that are noticeable in the riffs and in the solo.

Overhate’s devastating writing combined with a clean, solid production, forms a sound that is smooth, while at the same time has that extreme metal character, the distorted and the gritty. That’s why the “New Beginnings Are Met” is such a powerful and great release. Because even the smallest detail has been attended, there is nothing off sounding and the songs are aggressively groovy, offering a result that you should absolutely experience.

Review by Mr Athens 79

Band/Artist location – Caracas, Venezuela
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