In a world where metal has taken many avenues and alleys into sub genres, Oracle, formed in 2016 by Father and son duo Trey and Ray Ozinga of Baldwin County Alabama along with, Jason Long and B.G. Watson of Mobile county Alabama to create something truly unique that encapsulates many of these genres. The result is an extreme metal band with emphasis on musicality, grooves and epic passages that sonically attack and satisfy all senses of metal enthusiast all around. With their first album Beyond Omega, released in the early summer of 2016, they have played many shows along the gulf coast in support of their debut album which has wildly been excepted and sold copies around the world. With plans of a follow up album due out in late summer to fall of 2017, Oracle will once again attempt to enhance their keen sense of rhythms and melodies, sonic assault of solos and drum work and heavy growls and emotions of passionate vocals.

Oracle – By the hand of Astaea

Oracle – Aeons of Madness

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