Operation Offbeat

Operation Offbeat

Operation Offbeat are a ska/punk band whose raucous mix of 2tone, reggae, punk and Spaghetti Westerns is what the world needs – in addition to hand sanitizer – right now: Ska and again Ska. Fast, life affirming skanking.

Hamburg, Germany. 18th October 2019. 2Tone 40th Anniversary, Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels live at Monkey Club, supported by OPeration Offbeat.


Max: “I spent a few years gigging up and down Germany with my then-band The Crooners, until roughly 2015. We sometimes had a few fans from the UK over, who’d use easyjet and the like to pop over for Ska shows, and I made friends with one or two of them… So The Crooners got the odd gig request from the UK, but we never managed to make it. Which upset me so much, that I started an online thing that I called the „London-Hamburg-Ska-Connection“, trying to find like minded musos in London, for doing exchange gigs and possibly a London horn sec for The Crooners… The response was larger than expected, and a whole band came about, which we later renamed Operation Offbeat, after a gig that was so bad that I felt like a new start. Operation Offbeat gigged the London area and sometimes in Germany during the following years, with me commuting from Hamburg and couchsurfing. At some point Ville and The Animal Farm dragged us in the studio- and here we are, primarily online at the moment due to the plague… Waiting for gigs to return in manic pigheadedness…”

Operation Offbeat – MeMeMe

Operation Offbeat – Fire

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