Originally from Paris, ONLAP is a 100% independent alternative rock band with American influences from the 2000s (Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Story of the Year …).

After the release of his single “Turn Around” in early 2019, the group returns today in force with a new catchy title with furious riffs, entitled “Miracle”!

“” Miracle “is a single on which we worked a lot. It’s a warning note about the environment, but not only!

In fact, it’s a general awareness with, ultimately, the hope of a Miracle to change. The title remains punchy, in our style, it is not a question of depressing at all but of positive energy “, tells the group.

He continues: “We recorded with a different producer for this title. We’ve tested a lot of things, including battery cells element by element … for example the kick alone … which gave rise to a lot of laughs.

Or even when taking back vocals and screams, with staggering voices memorable … We hope you enjoy the title! “

“Miracle” is available since May 15th, 2019 on all download platforms! Watch the clip on YouTube without delay: https

Onlap are an alternative rock band created in 2006 and based in Paris (France).

 In 2009, the band began a major series of live shows, mainly in the Paris region.

 After two years of live shows, ONLAP decided to enter the studio in 2011 in order to record a 5-tracks EP “The Awakening”, which has been released at the beginning of 2012. The release took place on all digital platforms (Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, Fnac, Itunes…). For the occasion, ONLAP produces its first video clip, on the song eponymous of the EP “The Awakening”. To that day, it has been viewed over 1.000.000 times on YouTube.

 After a change of line-up (drummer), ONLAP returned to the studio in order to record his next EP to resume the Live thereafter. In early 2016, ONLAP released a brand new single, “Running”, as well as a new eponymous clip, seen to date more than 350,000 times on YouTube.

 The new EP of the same name, “Running”, was released a year later, on February 1, 2017, followed by an Deluxe Edition of that EP in october of the same year. In 2017, titles have been listened to more than 2.000.000 times on online music streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, etc …).

Onlap – Miracle

Onlap – Turn Around

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