One of the Last

One of the Last

We are a Hybrid Metal band called One of the Last! We play a unique mix of hard rock, metalcore and thrash metal. The reason why we call ourselves Hybrid Metal is because we wanted a unique name for our unique sound. We can say we’re a hard rock, metalcore and thrash metal band but it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as Hybrid Metal.

We started in late 2016 from an ad by Parker (guitarist). Mario (guitarist) was the first to answer that ad and after a few jam sessions, they knew they had something special. They were looking for more members to round out the band and Mario previously worked with Tripp at a clothing store. He tried out on bass and it clicked again. We found our drummer Brian from another ad and he clicked as well. The 3 of us were looking for a vocalist and after a few auditions, we found John on a music website. We brought him in, and he fit perfectly with us! Unfortunately, Brian left the band in February but the four of us have been moving forward ever since.

One of the Last – Shotgun

One of the Last – Wallflower

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