Ondt Blod

Ondt Blod

Despite having only released one album, Ondt Blod have a lot to show for. Not only have they been deemed the “pride of the North” in Norwegian media; their debut-album Finnmark was nominated as the “newcomer of the year” for the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys in 2016, and they have been listed on Norwegian national radio with five songs. The band has toured Norway alongside Kvelertak, and played the Roskilde Festival in 2016.
With Natur, Ondt Blod have made an album that is both a razor sharp political confrontation and a hedonistic celebration. Prepare to be colonized!
Natur is a scream from the far north. Made 100 years after the first indigenous political organizing in Norway, this is a Sami call to arms against the on-going colonization and oppression. The album is the Norwegian hardcore unit’s second and offers a blend of hardcore, grim metal and catchy punk, resulting in an album that could be called the polar bear mates of Pet Sounds.
The album was recorded in Oslo, and produced by Yngve Andersen (Blood Command, Hold Fast). Technical wizardry was provided by Ruben Willem (Haust) and Simon Jackman, who also mixed the record. Guest performances are given by Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvold (yacht-saxophone) and the Sami pop star Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen of the electropop group ISÁK, who does a traditional joik (ancient Sami singing tradition) duet with Ondt Blod singer Aslak on the record’s last track “Giron”. The album’s artwork is a woodprint by Peter-John De Villiers, who also did the artwork for the singles.

 Ondt Blod – Finnmark

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