OHNOVA is a Glasgow-based alternative/hard rock band. Members Paul Morton (guitar/vocals) and Ciaran Whyte (drums) make music to help you get through. Their heartfelt, energetic sound smashes you with big riffs and even bigger melodies. In an amazing feat of bad timing, they released their last single ‘Nobody Move’ in April 2020. And then the world stopped.

Despite this, the song received considerable support. It got heavy airplay from the likes of Planet Rock and Hard Rock Hell Radio. And it was also named one of Classic Rock Magazines ‘Tracks of the Week’.

Then, the reality of the pandemic kicked in, no shows and losing a member meant there wasn’t much to do for a while. When things got back to normal, they started gigging again – playing their hometown of Glasgow and rocking while sunburnt at ButeFest 2022.

Their latest single, ‘Sway’ represents a return to doing what they love – writing music, gigging, and embracing everything that life has to offer. As a two-piece with a rotating cast of friends playing live they’re still working things out. But, they’re back in the game – and loving every second!

New Single Sway

is released Friday 7th October

“Sway is a song about vengeance. Or at least, imagined vengeance. A while back I heard a story about a friend of a friend of a friend…etc who was going through a rough time. She was being mistreated, cheated on, and generally disrespected and trod on by her partner. I heard she didn’t want a future with the guy and wanted to leave. But she just couldn’t. It was sad and I kept thinking about it over the course of a few days. It was one of those injustices in life you hear about but can’t do anything about. The story planted the seed of her as a sort of an avenging spirit. She has had enough and although she was held in the abuser’s sway, she decides to take revenge, haunt the abuser and turn the tables. Sway grew from that notion” – Paul Morton

Track written by Paul Morton & Ciaran Whyte
Track produced by Bruce Rintoul
Recorded at 45 A-Side Recordings
Single artwork by OHNOVA

OHNOVA – Nobody Move

OHNOVA – Easy Way Out

OHNOVA – Best Foot Forward

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