Obskvvr / “Levendleed”split-album

Dutch Black Metal band Obskvvr released their debut split-album with Dutch Black Metal band “Levendleed” on Back from the Grave Tapes Label and via War Productions.
Obskvvr was formed as a one-man band in 2020 in Alkmaar, Netherlands by Joe Sinner. He wanted to create a project with a cold melancholic sound leaving a dark feeling of void.

Obskvvr is a dark metal project by Joe Sinner with a cold melancholic sound leaving a dark feeling of void.

This Split album is a colaboration between Levendleed and Obskvvr, who decided to join forces to create a 4-song expression themed around maniacal behaviour and death.

Joe has been Levendleed his producer since the beginning of Levendleed, and these two songs are his debut as Obskvvr in the Dark Metal genre.

The cover art shows four rats which are known as bringers of disease and death, it ties in well with the four songs on this album.

The song ‘Shallow & Unmarked’ is in a way the first panel of this musical diptych. The song describes the thoughts of a murder victim.

With this being our murder and disposing, and voicing our wishes regarding our fate.

The song ‘Remains’ describes the how we accept the situation and are longing for our remains to be uncovered, untied and feel the sun and air on our dead skin.

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Obskvvr – Shallow and Unmarked

Obskvvr – Remains

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