OBERON are a band from Padua (Italy), born in autumn 2015 from the ashes of a previous prog trio (originally formed by Yuri Crescenzio on guitars; Alberto Baretta on Percussives ; and a bassist). The new project started under the pretext of creating music without any limit, influenced by Symphonic and Classical Prog, Sixties Psychedelia, Medieval Folk, Stoner Rock and Jazz Rock (artists like Kansas, ELP, Black Sabbath, Scope, Gryphon, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, ecc).

Under the new name OBERON (King of the fairies from the Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream) the duo (featuring Yuri on Electric and acoustic guitars, Bass, organ, synth, piano and effects and Alberto on Percussives) recorded their first album The Mountain of Fate during March, September and October 2016 at Shaman’s Recordings with the help of Filippo Lazzarin (member of Paduan band VUOTI A RENDERE, which also mixed and mastered the album) and with the special guest Elena Dainese on vocals. The concept is based on the most famous greek myths, re-evaluated in a modern way: every feeling and every meaning from these stories revolves around the Mount Olympus, a symbol of extreme negativity (if it regarded as an obstacle) or great positivity (like a sort of liberation from all evil, once reached the top). It’s a journey of meditation through issues such as greed, the search of the impossible, freedom, narcissism, hate, war, Spleen and many more induced by the nowadays society. Self produced, the band have chosen a dark old school mix to give a seventies touch to the songs.

2017 will be the year of the 2nd release, which will feature an heavier and direct sound but without losing the instrumental complexity and a well-studied concept.

Oberon – Inheritance

Oberon – Somniloquist

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