The band was founded in 2009 and began its first compositions with soundlike Doom / Black metal, with aggressive thrash metal elements and symphonic parts. A. Sathsiva’s mind to give a musical crowning to his hard work on himself in Esoteric and Occult Way, with a Black/Thrash Metal approach.In 2010 they released their first Demo , “Death.”

After the first demo, the formation suffers a progressive variation, of the sound. In 2011 out “Obnubilato Incesto Semen”, from “symphonic sound”, to dark and brutal riffing Black / Thrash Metal style that highlight the sharp break from previous work, so determining a “True” way focused on sound harsher, sharp, evil and dark.

In the end of 2012 they released “Fides Lucifera” the band’s first EP .. now come to a clear delineation of style, sound and compositional approach. Also the band has finally the official line up, guitar / vocals, bass and drums.

2013, Nyx prepare for new live dates to promote the latest work done, and surrounded by a renewed evil sound, throw down the new compositions, which will be the materials for their first official album that will be recorded after September 2013.

In November 29, 2014 “HAIRESIS” The First Debut Album of Nyx cooming out under Vacula Productions ( Ukr ), co – released with Satanath Records a Russian Label and Grimm Dristibution ( Blr ) .

In July 7, 2017 Nyx release a new single, “RITVS“ , one of three 
new tracks of the next split album under Indie label JoinThisOrder ( Ita ) 
that comes out soon. ( Few weeks later the offical bass player 
S. Flagellyon leave the band. ).



NyX – Hairesis

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