Noise Detectors Inc

Noise Detectors Inc


P A: Guitar / Vocals
Miss Anna: Bas / Vocals
Volvex: Saxophones
M C Down: Drums / Vocals

 Quick Musical History:

P A and Miss Anna started the band Eager Beaver in 1984. This band had it´s base in the english rythm n blues, and made, as one of the first Swedish bands, good success on the pub scene in London in the late eighties. Three albums, one six-track EP and a few singles later, P A and Miss Anna decided it was time for a new direction.

This resulted in a new constellation called Stupidity autumn 2006. This band was discovered by Little Steven Van Zandt who decided to promote them good on his Underground Garage, and also a scene in TV series Lilyhammer. Nine american tours, five albums (one compolation) and a few digital singles was managed over the years Stupidity existed with original line up. Stupidity was more a rowdy garage rock band with roots in american garage rock and punk.

2019 P A and Miss Anna, beeing the songwriters in both Eager Beaver and Stupidity, felt that it was time for a new change. They both had many songs in store that wasn´t suitable for Stupidity, and decided to contact a few friends and start Noise Detectors Inc. A band with a ”no limits” approach. Even though base is still traditional rock and pop, band policy is to have a wider view of things and do whatever came up in their heads.

Noise Detectors released their first six songs in late July 2020, and song ”Carefree Girl” was also filmed and released as video late August. Carefree Girl is a punky popsong filmed in their home neighbourhood in Stockholm, and can be seen on YouTube.

Plans was an english tour spring 2020 that should be followed up with a tour in USA in autumn, however due to world situation both tours had to be cancelled.

More recordings and videos are planned, and as soon as situation allows touring, the band will go on the road.

Noise Detectors Inc – Carefree Girl

Noise Detectors Inc – Run

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