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No Witness

no witness

There have been so many iconic bands that have etched themselves into the music history books. Bands such as, The Who, ACDC, INXS, Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, U2 and the list goes on.

Now set to unleash their astral shifting rock with the undercurrent of a brooding blues sound, No Witness puts the belief back into what it’s all about. That love of transcending what’s happening in everyday life and getting lost in a song that speaks to your soul and frees your spirit.

This isn’t just another Australian band, these boys are a true talent with unmistakable sounds that smell, taste and feel nothing short of a monumental international headlining festival band. Like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead, No Witness is hauntingly captivating and hypnotic!

Their attitude of “they don’t care if you don’t care” is a refreshing reminder that rock n roll is all about independence and a “don’t stand in our way” persona.

This is very evident in their soon to be released debut album “Overproof “. They deliver nothing short of extreme hard hitting solid and driven melodies, that have a slight hint of the 70’s. Without any question, No Witness is a band that you will definitely want to see live.

Their music is addictive!

No Witness – Insults – Ruff mix

No Witness – Sunlight demo

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