No Glitter

No Glitter

No Glitter Drops House Music

With a major amount of music being released these days due to quarantine, sometimes it can be a bit much to sift through everything that comes across your desk with that “brand new day” sort of attitude. Today however, we came across No Glitter; an alternative rock project headed by Billy Martin out of Rochester New York. The record is called “House Music” and it feels like a hidden gem. Among the soiree of classic rock style and hard rock riffs is “How Old Are You Now”, which is the must hear on the record. No Glitter also has several released prior to “House Music” that are more than exceptional including 2019’s “The Old City” and numerous singles that can all be heard at any of the links below. 

No Glitter – How Old Are You Now

No Glitter – Reward

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Band/Artist location – Rochester New York
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