Nico Maddox

Nico Maddox

Nico Maddox Releases Addictive Indie Rock EP

Upon the first spin of the “Tired of Thinking” record by Nico Maddox, it’s incredibly easy to hear just how much fun the making  of this EP might have been. Songs are bright and stick hard to their pop platform. This release is actually so impressive, it’s hard to put a finger on which one will be a favorite as they are literally all as good as the next. The EP is four songs long and runs through a terrific twist of alt and indie rock, indie pop, and radio pop all in rolled up into one. Best listened through in full, “Tired of Thinking”  has a lot to offer fans of  almost any style of pop music. Here is what Nico had to say about his release:

“The single is a reflection of the overall theme of the EP and really sets the tone for what is to be expected. Recording this EP has made me incorporate various elements from different genres and kind of mix them all together while having this pop rock nucleus. It’s definitely fun to experiment with that and see what comes of it.”

Nico Maddox – Heart

Nico Maddox – Chicago

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