While rock’s popularity in Israel has been in steady decline over the last couple of decades, there are still geniuses that emerge with fresh takes on the genre’s varying strands, especially on the darker side of the coin. One such talented individual is Tali Green who founded Nicarus in 2015. After the success of her début EP Holy Sun Father Spirit last year, 2021 sees the fruition of full-length Coal People Coal Puppets which was done 100% DIY.

Nicarus’ chosen sound was born through a ton of experimentation which resulted in a fresh sound that lurks somewhere in the realms of gloomy alt-rock, doom, grunge, and elements of dark pop for lack of a better description. Green’s vocals range vastly, from delicate and breathy to buried screams, while her guitar playing weaves neat almost bluesy solos in with heavy riffing. The result draws to mind artists like Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe, and Julie Christmas, while a blend of old school Nirvana or other 90s heavy rock bands seen through a unique experimental prism provides the instrumental part of the soundtrack.

Each of the six songs is a wild ride, not least due to the unpredictable track times and unnerving samples. “Are You Afraid To Die Alone” is the first taste of the former, stretching comfortably to six minutes to encapsulate the reverberating rush after the opening shoegazing “We Can See Their Lies”. Later on, “The Architect of Grime” takes us on a nine-minute journey through dark rock, literature readings, and even pseudo-operatic moments à la Kate Bush. We finish out on the marvelously titled “The Stuff You Pack When You Are A Time Traveler”, a representation of Apollo 11 in musical form as a slow and lumbering number, before rounding out in a blastoff to wherever Nicarus are headed next.

In short, Coal People Coal Puppets is a singular experience that goes beyond words. Those who enjoy the artists named above will no doubt find a lot to enjoy here, but there is so much more to unpack as you delve deeper down the rabbit hole. Nicarus are absolutely deserving of your attention.

The album will be released on January 8th 2021 and pre-orders will start on November 1st.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming first single:

Track listing:
 1. We Can See Their Lies

2. Are You Afraid To Die Alone

3. Coal People Coal Puppets

4. The Architect of Grime

5. With Storms We Thrive

6. The Stuff You Pack When You Are A Time Traveler

Nicarus – C.P.C.P – Coming Soon

Nicarus – Holy Sun Father Spirit

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