NEWTS are a three piece noise rock band, who were/ are members of a bunch of other bands (hey colossus, huge baby, Crumbling Ghost, slow gun, small gang, econoline, model village) and have played shows around the UK with Hey Colossus, Grey Hairs, GNOD, Joanna Gruesome, Nitkowski,Galley Beggar, Casual Nun, Purling Hiss, Henry Blacker, Death Pedals et al.

NEWTS EP 1 was released last September, and picked up some spins from Tom Ravenscroft on SIXMUSIC and is now sold out.

NEWTS EP 2 released July 17

NOTICE the lead song on this EP LOSERS may not be appropriate for for sensitive ears (the elderly, infirm, the hard right). Those affected can of course continue to enjoy the remainder of the EP containing a healthy mix of songs about New years day hangovers and murderers borrowing a drum kit (Mission Creep), Breaking someones nose repeatedly in your mind (Remains), and 19th Century American Archaeologists (Bone Wars). Those who already heeded the call of democracy, with the required hardy constitution can consume this product in it’s entirety. Whilst preparing for the revolution.

Up coming gigs

16.9 Haverhill The Bull w. Goldblume,

28.9 Cambridge The Blue Moon w. Ragweed, Doyouthinkhesaurus

1.10 Guildford The Star w. Thuum, Wytch Pycnyck, Slug 13

26.10 Cambridge The Blue Moon w/ Bloody Knees, Gaffa Tape Sandy




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