Straight from the void, a new manifestation of doom, gloom, and utter disgust has unfurled itself in the form of NEST; a two piece outfit from the misty shadow cast hills of Appalachia, whose compositions tower above the hollow shell of humanity as remorseless as the void from which they sprang. Hailing from Lexington Kentucky, this duo oscillates between churning mid-tempo madness and total doom that will leave your ears ringing and your heart wrenching. Dripping with feedback and distortion, NEST channel their visceral contempt with a barrage of sludge soaked riffs accompanied by harsh, evocative vocalizations that gives Metempsychosis (the bands first proper full length) all the makings of a memorable foray into misanthropy. The end is here, it is now, just give NEST the time and they will tell you all about it.

Sludgelord Records is pleased to announce that they will release blackened sludge metal band NEST on March 2nd 2018. 

The band commented “We are honored to be a part of the ever growingforce that is The Sludgelord. For years the website has been churning out quality reviews and giving praise to a music scene that barley sees the light of day. NEST has found a proper home and can’t wait to see what the future holds-for us as a band and for The Sludgelord as a label.”

Label founder Aaron Pickford further commented “From my first play through of “Metempsychosis” I felt that Nest display a sound that rivals or even surpasses the new breed of nihilistic doom, bands like Primitive Man and Cult of Occult.  The band have such a massive wall of sound that they excite me just as much as In The Company of Serpents who happen to be one of of my favourite bands Think the intensity of Primitive Man playing through the back line of Sleep and that pretty much sums up this band.  Nest are capable of becoming a breakthrough band in 2018 “

NEST – Gallows Of Forever

NEST – Life’s Grief

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