Necktwister Announce SUHRIM Album Re-Release

Suhrim to release 20th anniversary Unidentified Flying Bodyparts LP!.

Necktwister is very proud to announce to have come to an agreement with the legendary Belgian bulging death metal band SUHRIM to release the 2001 album “Unidentified Flying Bodyparts” as a limited 12″ vinyl 20th anniversary edition.

Suhrim had been around since 1989 before calling it quits in 2009, being true pioneers in the Belgian death metal scene. Necktwister is very happy and proud to be able to finally give their 2001 album the format it deserves.
The album has been previously unreleased on vinyl, solely on CD.

It will get a limited pressing of 250 copies, so keep your eyes open to preorder yours!

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