“Nebelhorn was created in 2002 and is still an important part of my life. All these years I put my whole soul into this “world of music”. With much dedication I create this song and to my great joy, this is often more than I ever imagined, over all the years very much appreciated. (In terms of good reviews, high click numbers in the youtube videos of the “foreign adjuster” and the so valued personal encounter with you, the listeners and Mitgiedern other bands! )) But I would like an equally high esteem in the financial more than welcome, in order to finally at least be able to meet the expenses and the constant requests of Merch and CD postproductions adequately.

Nebelhorn also stands for the ideal claim of good coexistence and the connection to nature. That means: guest musicians are happy and well paid! 🙂 This is good for everyone! 🙂 As well as taking responsibility for the environment with quality fabrics with durable print for textiles. Preferably also for the future in cooperation with ecologically working companies that offer the people working there as well as income! 🙂 … It would be wonderful of course to be able to additionally modestly provide for the basic needs of the life support of my self, but first of all all the previous! :)”  (Wieland, all Music and Lyrics)

The previous releases:

Utgard Minialbum (2004)

Gen Helwegs Grund (2005)

Fjordland Sagas (2007) also appeared as Digipack + Patch version

Urgewalt (2018)

On Bifrösts Back 2:26
Urgewalt 5:09
Aegir’s Wrath 5:27
Wild Hunt 4:45
Muspellheim 3:48
On New Lands 7:28
Sparks 7:15
Freyhall 6:30

Nebelhorn Have delivered a stunning piece of work with the release of 2018’s ‘Urgewalt’. If you want your rock to have balls, then this album will hit you hard.

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Nebelhorn – Urgewalt teaser

Nebelhorn – Urgewalt rough prerecording

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