My Beautiful Suicide

My Beautiful Suicide
The Reckoning (single/music video)

“An electronic rock song with a danceable beat about rising up and overcoming the things that beat you down. Coming to the point where enough is enough and no matter what, dead or alive, you’re going to rise above it. Could be good or bad. Maybe you’re overcoming addiction. Maybe you’re going to kill the person who abused you for years. This is a dark grinding mechanical foray into hatred and forgiveness. This single is part of an upcoming concept album, where each song is a piece of a puzzle that comes together over the duration of the record. Each song will tell a story that fits into a bigger picture, combining to explain an overall bigger story. There’s a positive message with the album, even though there are quite a few darker moments; sometimes it’s hard to see that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s there, but there’s a lot of darkness that needs to be gone through to reach it.” – Ian D. – My Beautiful Suicide

My Beautiful Suicide, from Grand Rapids, USA has a new music video out for the single “The Reckoning”. Dark and gritty, the band pays homage to 90s era industrial and goth with this electronic rock song that boasts a danceable beat and lyrical themes about rising up and overcoming the things that beat you down. The man behind the project, Ian D., shares his thoughts on this pick:

“I chose “The Reckoning” to be the first single, because it’s catchy, dark, heavy, and has some cool vocals on it. Originally, I was thinking of a different track, but Tommy Church sent over the latest mix, which was different than the one I originally had worked on. I knew the moment I listened to it that I wanted it to be the first song to be released for the planned album. It will be track 5 on the record, I believe, so it’s almost in the middle of the concept/story being told, but as a stand-alone track I think it’s a good introductory track into the sound that is My Beautiful Suicide.”

The video for “The Reckoning” was shot completely in Ian D.’s house during the pandemic. Taking advantage of free time, he wrote and put together the ideas for it in one night, and Jon Conner of A Hole in the Head Productions helped bring it to life.

Track Listing: The Reckoning (3:22)

Single Credits:
• All songs performed by: Ian D./ Thomas Church
• All songs written by: Ian D./ Thomas Church
• Produced by: Thomas Church
• Mixed by: Thomas Church
• Mastered by: Thomas Church
• Album Artwork by: Ian D.
• Member BMI

Band Line Up:
Ian D.
Thomas Church

My Beautiful Suicide – Dead Reflections

My Beautiful Suicide – The Reckoning

My Beautiful Suicide – Covered In Holes

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